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Propane Chest Freezer

30" Propane Stove


Gas and Propane Fridges, Stoves and Freezers



Preston Heating & Air Conditioning offers you a wide variety of gas and propane fridges, stoves, and freezers.

We also offer cottage style propane stoves of all sizes that require no electricity.

Consul Propane Refrigerators
Also Available are the Standard Un-Vented Fridges and the CO-Monitor Fridge with a Carbon Monoxide Detector that Will Shut the Unit Down if CO Levels Exceed a Specific Set Point.

Frostek Propane Chest Freezer
The Frostek Chest Freezer Requires no Electricity. With a Capacity of 8.5 cu. ft., It's Ideal for Cottages, Hunt Camps and Lodges.

Propane Commercial Cooking Appliances Fryers, Steamers, Pizza Ovens

Frigidaire & White Westinghouse
Natural Gas and Propane Ranges, Cooktops and Clothes Dryers / Washers

Propane Stoves
Available in 20", 24" and 30" sizes

Unique Gas Products
Propane operated Fridges and Freezer products



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