Maintains indoor relative humidity at a comfortable level
Helps avoid dry conditions which may aggravate asthma and allergy symptoms
Reduces static electricity in carpets
Helps avoid damage from dry air to your furniture, woodwork, paintings and musical instruments
Reduces shrinkage of wood floors and woodwork
Cold winter air feels warmer at lower temperature levels
Whole-house humidification, no portable appliances are needed

Trane Humidifiers

Preston Heating & Air Conditioning offers you Trane Humidifier products to help you enjoy a healthier, more comfortable home.

When cold, dry air enters your home and is warmed to room temperature, the relative humidity in the average house can drop to as little as 5%. Compare that to the average 25% relative humidity of the Sahara Desert and you can understand why the air inside your home can seriously affect your health and comfort. Since studies have estimated that most people spend as much as 90% of their time at home indoors, there is reason to be concerned about indoor air quality.

Dry air causes your skin, throat and nasal passages to dry out and crack leading to various physical discomforts. That is why many doctors recommend humidifiers for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Proper humidity also helps repel bacteria, fungi, viruses and mites.

Dry air also causes all wood products to dry, shrink, even crack. And the most annoying effect of dry air is static shock.

And last but not least, proper humidity can even save energy. By adding humidity you will feel more comfortable at a lower temperature, as much as 3 degrees lower- which really adds up in fuel costs.

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Model Number
Use With
Home Size
Capacity Output
Fan Powered, Auto Control
All Furnace Models
Up to 4200 sq.ft.
Up to 18 Gal. per Day
Large Bypass, Auto Control
All Furnace Models
Up to 4000 sq.ft.
Up to 16.8 Gal. per Day
Small Bypass, Manual Control
All Furnace Models
Up to 3000 sq.ft.
Up to 12 Gal. per Day

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